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Lauren Jauregui's Letter of Support to LGBTQ Community

Lauren Jauregui has voiced her support for the LGBTQ community during Pride month.

In an open letter in Billboard, the singer-songwriter wrote: 

"I think one of the most defining moments of learning to find true self-acceptance was when I put it into a piece I wrote for Billboard those months ago. The Trump Campaign was really my breaking point as a bisexual Cuban female artist. I incorporated those four particular adjectives because they were all parts of me that I felt were being stripped away, questioned, threatened, and even invalidated by the continuous slew of ignorant conversation that his administration has been allowed to push. 

"The way in which his campaign was run scared me. His obvious misogyny, his homophobia, his dismissal of the arts, and his incessant ideology pushing of minority communities as terrorists, rapists, and criminals truly made me feel terrified for my future and the future of the children growing up in this world right now. It made me wonder if people really felt this way; and when he won, it truly broke my heart. It made me come to terms with the fact that the part of me that loved women was invalidated and that she was an important part of my story and who I was. Accepting her in one sentence within the context of a whole political commentary being what caught the world's attention made me realize how scandalous it still is as a concept for humans to connect with their souls. 

"The fascination humanity has with sex and who's engaging in it and what other people do when they engage in it amazes me. We spend so much time chastising what other people do in the darkness of their bedrooms that we forget that love is a part of our souls and it can be felt on a grand spectrum of truth. Anyone can love anyone and we should all be loving each other, not looking for reasons to segregate and invalidate one another. 

"When I set out on my goal to help fix this mess whatever way I could five years ago through art, I couldn't have ever imagined my journey would pan out the way it has, but I'm grateful for every moment and am proud to be who I am. I am even more grateful to live in a generation where there seems to truly be an awakening to the understanding of love and how much it can heal us all, especially in the youth. I know I've helped my fans in my own way to come to terms with themselves, love themselves and each other and that's truly where this whole healing process starts for me."

On the first day of Pride Month (June 1), Jauregui surprised and delighted US viewers when she jumped on stage during Halsey's Good Morning America Summer Concert Series. They sang "Strangers", a same-sex song about the breakdown of a romantic relationship between two women, which in the pop world these days is a rarity, as well as brave.

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