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Lauren Jauregui joins Vic Mensa, Aloe Blacc and more for "Defund The Sheriff" Album

Lauren Jauregui has joined Vic MensaAloe Blacc and more to record a brand new profit album titled Defund The Sheriff.

For almost eight weeks now, widespread protests have taken place across the U.S. with Black Lives Matter activists and protestors marching to end the unecessary police brutality, highlighted on May 25 after the horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeling on Floyd's neck until he took his final breath.

In Los Angeles County, #DefundTheSheriff and LA-based artists, including Mensa, Blacc and Jauregui, have all been using the power of their huge platforms to help and hopefully bring about some much-needed, positive change, by defunding the force and reallocating funds into community response resources instead.

Mensa and Jauregui appear with Reseda on the first track 'Largest Jail System on Earth(listen below), while the Chicago-born rapper appears on a further three songs.

The 17-track LP was executive produced by criminal justice speaker and musician Mike de la Rocha, and Richie Reseda.

"The prison industrial complex of The Divided States of America is one of the greatest stains ever to blemish the bloody flag that is America," Mensa stated in a press release. "The sheriff is little more than the militarized arm of this oppressive system; it is our duty as revolutionaries to challenge and dismantle white supremacy to the furthest extent possible within our lifetimes, by any and all means necessary."

Defund The Sheriff (The Album) Tracklist:

01 Vic Mensa / Lauren Jauregui / Richie Reseda: “Largest Jail System on Earth”
02 Jack Davey: “Who Are You?”
03 Avery Blackman: “Black Is Beautiful”
04 Indigo Mateo: “Here Rn”
05 Aja Monet / Richie Reseda: “There is Another Way”
06 Vic Mensa / Noelle Scaggs / Richie Reseda: “The Caging of Los Angeles”
07 EMANON: “Shine Your Light”
08 Ceci Bastida: “En Las Noches”
09 Vic Mensa / Richie Reseda: “Most Murderous Sheriff’s Department in America”
10 88: “Kings In Chains”
11 Akeishein / Richie Reseda: “Breathe With Intention”
12 Madame Gandhi: “Gandhi Blues (Gizzle Remix)” [ft. Gizzle]13 Mystic: “Beautiful Resistance”
14 XXX: “Weak and High” [ft. Rain Phoenix]15 Maya Jupiter: “Crumble”
16 Vic Mensa / Joey Dosik / Richie Reseda: “Deporting Freedom”
17 ON/NOTICE: “Lies”

Listen & stream Lauren Jauregui here.

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