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“Strangers” by Halsey & Lauren Jauregui has reached 100 million Spotify streams

Strangers by Halsey & Lauren Jauregui has reached 100 million Spotify streams and its video has now gained almost 35 million YouTube views alone!

The duet was released on May 26, 2017 but it was their performance on Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series a year later, on June 1 of 2018, that showed the world what a dynamic force the duo were. It made us dream of future collaborations between the songstresses, who crushed their performance.

The official video was released on June 16 of 2018 and depicted a character called Luna, played by Halsey, being put in a boxing ring to fight her lover, Rosa, played by Jauregui. 

The song's lyrics were ahead of their time as they described the romantic break-up of two girls from the side of the girl who is still pining for her lover. 

Halsey said at the time: "I was thinking to myself, if I want this song to be believable, it needs to be real, so I'm not going to put a girl on the song to sing who's straight. I'm just not going to do it. So I reached out to Lauren and she came in and she cut the vocal and it sounds awesome.

"Our voices sound really cool together because we both have really raspy voices, mine's a little more delicate than hers. Hers is like really powerful and big and raspy, and mine is kind of like light and raspy. But it's really cool because I'm bisexual."

Watch the official video and their Good Morning America performance below:

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