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Friday, May 4, 2018 4:56am ET by  

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Louis Tomlinson profile shot removed from James Grant Management website

Louis Tomlinson has left James Grant Group Management after a 2-year contractual term according to The Sun.

Earlier this week, the James Grant Group removed Tomlinson's profile shot from their music clients online roster which is under their Hall or Nothing brand. Hall or Nothing were an independent PR company led by Terri Hall in the '90s before being bought by the James Grant Group.

This action has now been followed by The Sun's report that Tomlinson and management have parted ways amicably.

Tomlinson is gearing himself up for the release of his first ever solo album this year, and has already tweeted about his excitement: "Got some important meetings out the way and now I’m f***ing ready!"

No official statement has been made about the alleged parting of ways. 

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