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Louis Tomlinson: "It was important that there wasn't going to be a compromise on my music"

Louis Tomlinson has spoken about how he only accepted The X Factor role when he realised that it absolutely woudn't impact upon his own career as a solo artist and his upcoming debut album release.

The 26-year-old said: "My thing was at first, I was super excited to get offered a job. It is something I've kind of been angling for since I've come off the show, to be honest.

"But the thing to me was, it was important that there wasn't going to be a compromise on my music. I think what I'm realising from doing both at the same time, is it is a lot of work, and it is a lot of hours, but it can be done.

"I suppose like any job, I was nervous the first couple of days. I was a little bit overwhelmed on day one, first day of auditions, because it was kind of like jumping back into the deep end.

"But once I felt like I'd found my rhythm and I knew the format of how everything worked, honestly, I've absolutely loved it."

Tomlinson, who won the Choice Male Artist Award at this year's Teen Choice Awards, has already spoken about how being a judge won't affect his creativity. 

The One Direction superstar uploaded a video message in July in which he said:

"The album is still definitely my priority. It doesn't change any release time or anything like that, me doing the show."

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