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Wednesday, November 13, 2019 5:56am ET by  

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Louis Tomlinson: 'I've been waiting for when I do that first show'

Louis Tomlinson has opened up about his debut solo album, Walls, and upcoming world tour. 

Tomlinson has already embarked on a massive promo tour, which kicked off in America and saw him this week delight his fans in Mexico. Speaking to 102.7KISSFM about his album, the One Direction star said:

"I'm always honest, as honest as I can be. My lyrics are real and as relatable as can be. Lyrics are important to me, so I'm hoping from my words I will make people feel something.

"Musically, it's kind of live and organic. I want my guitars in there. I want it guitar-driven. Overall, I'm really proud of it, actually."

"January 31st, 2020. Done! It's not moving now, so, I'm excited! Fully done. Finally, I feel good about it.

Speaking about the Louis Tomlinson World Tour 2020 that starts next year in Barcelona, Spain on March 9, he said:

"I've been waiting for that moment when I do that first show. It feels a step closer now we've announced the dates and they've gone on sale. I've been working towards that moment since I started really.

"Everything else that comes from being an artist is cool but the reason I do what I do is for those live shows, and to get that feeling back from the people. I'm really excited about that!"

It's not just Tomlinson who is excited to be back on tour, his patient fans are too, and now they have an album and a live tour to kick start their New Year! 

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