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Louis Tomlinson: "I have a good idea of what I’m gonna do for the next record so that’s exciting!"

He may have just released his eagerly awaited debut album to critical acclaim, but Louis Tomlinson is wasting no time, revealing that he's already excited about what he's going to do for his sophomore album.

"I am a bit of a perfectionist but there comes a time when you have to let things go. I think I have a good idea of what I’m gonna do for the next record so that’s exciting!

"I'm going on tour for a lot of this year so I'm really excited about that. And I think definitely when you’re going around the world, it gives you so much to write about and you're thinking more. So I kind of need to go on tour a little bit and then I’ll probably start writing the next record," the 28-year-old told BBC Radio Solent.

"Normally it's just in a little studio space with people that I'm close to and I've worked with before but that's probably three, four, five months away."

Tomlinson is currently in the charts worldwide with his debut solo album, Walls. The highly acclaimed record has already spawned five chart-hitting tracks "Kill My Mind", and title track, "Walls"

Speaking about Walls, he said:

"It took me four years to make the album... So to see the reaction the first day and second day, specifically, being incredible, it was a massive weight of me shoulders and I was just blown away at the support.

"I write about something that’s happened in my life, you know something quite specific to me but how that’s interpreted by someone else might be different. And I think that’s the power of music!

"People have got interesting stories for me, and I think more than anything it’s just good for me to feel like I’m giving back to them."

The enormously popular UK singer-songwriter is gearing up for his hotly anticipated solo world tour, which kicks off in Barcelona next month.

He recently told Rolling Stone Magazine: "I’m so excited — I’ve definitely had my eye on the tour. Because it’s one thing being in the studio, or a rehearsal space or TV studio or whatever. But it’s another thing literally going to see the fans, being able to look into their eyes and see what certain lyrics mean to them. And just feel the energy of the room. There’s nothing like that."

Tomlinson's shows are raw and electrifying, so check ticket availabilty to catch him live here.

Stream/Buy Louis Tomlinson's "Walls" now.

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