Mississippi Rap Artist Jrell Rainman Drops Yet Another No. 1 Record

Jackson, Mississippi -- Success seems to be a word that follows Jrell Rainman everywhere he goes now a days. From being top ten (10) on the radio airplay charts for over 5 weeks straight, to breaking into the top 10 on Google as an underground Mississippi rap artist, he is beginning to make quite the name for him self. His new single 'Never Forget' debuted at #1 on youtube as a Mississippi rap artist.

This marks the first time the rapper has ever debuted a number one video, and in an impressive time frame. Less than 24 hours after the release of the video, Jrell Rainman was already at the top of the totem pole. Jrell hopes to soon break into a whole new market with this positive, lyrical and revolutionary record. In an exclusive interview with Jrell he had very little to say but did give us some quotes.

"As of right now, I am just ecstatic to be ranked #1 on youtube. Just to know how much talent we have in Mississippi right now it is an honor and a privilege" said Rainman.

Since the release of his first official single back in December, he has managed to achieve a ton of success. Its not everyday that an underground rap artist is booked for his first show before his single has even received 500 views on youtube. As for Jrell Rainman... he has been booked for 3 solo performances, and his phone is ringing off the hook for features.

Jrell seeks to use his newly found stardom to help other independent rap artists gain more exposure. Giving them access to grand music promotion services, and radio connections that they can use in the future to further boost their career. Its not every day a rap artist is happy to be a stepping stone for the career of their competition, but Jrell says he is in another lane and not worried at all.

"Looking at the state of hip hop right now, I seek to bring a change and impact the masses with relate-able music that brings back originality. I also expect to change the culture that we have grown into where rappers can never coincide with each other" said Rainman.

Take a listen to his latest single 'Never Forget' below on youtube!

January 20, 2014 10:55pm ET by Forbes Music Entertainment   Comments (0)

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