North Carolina Rapper Ike Ellis Slowly Approaching Youtube History

Ike Ellis' lead single from the Cornbread Album 'Loving You' is doing very well on youtube, with less than 200,000 views to go before it breaks 1 million views.

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In the independent music industry gaining popularity is always a struggle. Independent rap and r&b artists always find themselves lobbying for support. It is very rare that one of them breaks out into the limelight of the social media decade where any and every one can put music on the market.

North Carolina rapper Ike Ellis has found a way out of the fog into the clearing above the clouds with his latest single 'Loving You' (100 Grand Entertainment) making some serious noise on YouTube. Since its release on December 30, 2012 the video has gathered upwards of 2,000 views daily, 60,000 views monthly and a grand total upwards of 835,000 views overall.

Ike Ellis teamed up with Focus the Producer (, a New York based hip hop record producer with many records under his belt for this thought provoking, reminiscent ode to hip hop. Focus the Producer has done work with Swivz and Dj Suss One (Power 105) on the 'Dead Fly' mixtape, Dj Spinz and Gafa Gamy on the 'Rebirth of Hip Hop' mixtape and the Set Boys of UGK Records on their single 'Off Da Chain', but none have seen the success of Ike Ellis's 'Loving You' (100 Grand Entertainment).

The North Carolina rapper has also taken on the tough topic of domestic violence on his record 'Better Day' (100 Grand Entertainment), in which he also teamed up with Focus the Producer ( on the music production. These two seem to make a good pair. 'Better Day' has yet to see the success of 'Loving You' (100 Grand Entertainment), but it has gathered over 10,000 views so far since its release, through user syndication on multiple youtube accounts.

Ike Ellis is living true to the term “hard work pays off” as he stated in his song “I was dead broke, no joke, rappin' in the closet / Sock covered the mike, spittin' like a faucet.” From rappin' in the closet to showcasing with The Source Magazine and Carolina Music Awards is a pretty huge accomplishment. Ellis is now being considered once again for the Carolina Music Awards, this time as a 2014 nominee.

Loving You is Currently Available on AmazonMP3 for download

Watch the 'Loving You' official music video on YouTube below:

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