Forbes Music Inc. announces new Oriel Barry album to be released September 11 on soundcloud.

Some of the new classics and some of the old classics to be featured on what the Afar Music Group is calling a mixtape slash album. There are a plethora of hot new cuts on this project; no doubt fans will love this new body of work as much as they have loved any of his others. The reggae fusion artist Oriel Barry is proud to present to the world his new project "Rise Of The Revoluters".

Revolutionary is the best way to describe this project. Oriel Barry is scheduled to release one of the most thought provoking projects of the decade in "Rise Of The Revoluters". With audio clips from the legendary Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey and Malcom X; it is plain to see the direction this project is headed. The team over at Afar Music Group is going with a new concept of a mixtape thesis.

The mixtape slash album consists of some previously released material from the "Confidence EP" along with some exciting new work from the group. The single "Serious" is set to take the lead on this project; with a music video already due to be released later this year. "Rise Of The Revoluters" will be marketed in a totally different way than any of Oriel and The Revoluters other projects. One key tactic is being added to the strategy; the project will be available for free download via soundcloud.

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Afar Music Group and Forbes Music Inc. are in collaboration

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