New Jersey Rapper, Nastyelgic Finally Finds 'The Come Up'




Very few careers in this world have greater expectations than that of a rap career. An artist is expected to go into the studio and create musical works that a majority of the earth's population can relate to. This also comes along with the responsibility of being able to put on an even more captivating performance. If all doesn't go well, a rapper would be considered a flop, which is the equivalent of being called a draft bust in the NBA or NFL. If things do go well, the artist is expected to do it repeatedly to prove he is not just a one hit wonder.

When it comes to artists like New Jersey rapper Nastyelgic, who have made it past the possibilities of a sophomore slump, it becomes more about improvement and consistency. Nastyelgic's second release, Ali out-sold his debut single, Killin' Hip Hop, made it to #1 on Dj Scarface Radio and broke into the New York and North Carolina FM radio market. On April 1, 2016 Nastyelgic released his latest hip hop release, The Come Up under his indie record label, Tilt Shift Records.

There were no teasers and no lead ins for this single, Nastyelgic opted to surprise his fans with the release. With his current monthly listeners on Spotify over 16.5 thousand, he has seen his fair share of fan support in the U.S. and abroad. Nastyelgic is set to do his exclusive interview to introduce his latest single to the world with Dj Cherry Poppins on the WESS show, Heart 2 Heart and Follow up by introducing his new single to the thousands of listeners on the Phonex Star 9 blog talk radio show.

The Come Up will be on Nastyelgic's upcoming album, Back When Music Was. The song can be found on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Soundcoud and more. Marketing label Forbes Music Entertainment has a unique marketing plan set up for the release they have described as exceedingly organic.

Nastyelgic – The Come Up on Soundcloud

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