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Mumford & Sons on being thought of as a religious band: 'It p**ses us off'

Folk rockers Mumford & Sons have revealed that they don't like to be thought of as a Christian band because that's a very inaccurate association.

Member Winston Marshall explained that it's particularly annoying to have the band associated with the Christian faith and fans even ask if they can pray together when they meet them: "Yeah, it p**ses me off. Just being thought of as a Christian is pretty annoying. Not that there's anything wrong with it. But just being told you're anything when you're not."

"My reaction us, 'Thank you, but no thank you.' And if I'm in a bad mood, 'F**k off.' No, I mean, it comes from a good place, y'know. But it's just quite invasive."

Ted Dwane also gave his opinion on the matter and confessed that he doesn't understand why Mumford & Sons get singled out because other acts use similar religious words in their songs: "It's funny, bands from Coldplay to Kings of Leon... everyone uses these words and it's not preachy at all and it's not even religious, they're just musing. They're just exploring this massive thing that we're aware of."





Watch the band's music video for 'Babel' below: