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One Direction's Harry Styles on privacy struggles: 'Wearing a disguise is too embarrassing'

The lads of boyband One Direction often get followed by fans wherever they go and heartthrob Harry Styles has admitted that it's something you have to just deal with and get used to because the alternative isn't ideal. 

Member Harry Styles was then asked about his struggles with privacy over the years and he revealed that while the idea of wearing a disguise in order to wander about without being recognised is somewhat appealing, it would be too awkward if he was publicly revealed:

"I think the thing is about a disguise is that if you were to do that, which is embarrassing anyway, the amount of embarrassment you would feel after being discovered in disguise would be too much."

Louis Tomlinson then jumped in and added that having to hold your hands up and admit to wearing some kind of costume would be mortifying, so he wouldn't do it: "It would just be uncomfortable if you got caught out, wouldn't it. 'Oh yeah, I have dressed up as someone else!'"

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Watch the interview in full below: