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Niall Horan's hit track 'This Town' took one hour to write

Songwriter Jamie Scott says Niall Horan's recent single 'This Town', which was his first as a solo artist, took just one hour to pen.

The musician told Billboard that the tune, which was written by Scott, Horan, Mike Needle and Daniel Byer, came naturally to the four men. Scott has also written music for Horan's One Direction and he said he helped change their direction away from bubblegum pop.

He said: "I remember when we did ‘Drag Me Down’ for the boys, we had a really good feeling about it in terms of it being a cool place for them to go. We wanted to shake it up a bit and cross these guys over. It was a bit risky, but the label heard it and loved it and the boys loved it and we went with it."

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Watch Horan perform 'This Town' below:

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