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One Direction "trash bowling alley"

Forget throwing TVs out of hotel room windows - One Direction have indulged in their rock 'n' roll side by seemingly trashing a bowling alley. 

However, it seems like the incident was more an accident than rockstar debauchery, with some overzealous bowling the cause of the carnage.

Louis Tomlinson told the Mirror that the group had got a "bit bored" playing ten pin bowling after a gig in New York and decided to launch two or three bowling balls down the lane at the same time.

However, it managed to break the machinery and the boys ended up with a telling off from their label. He said:

"The whole thing came off its hinges. It totally broke. We got a slap on the hand and were told off by the label for that. We'd taken over a lane, played about two games and then got a bit bored. So we started an experiment, throwing two or three balls at the same time."




Watch One Direction being interviewed in the US below: