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'Glee' star Matthew Morrison doesn't know who One Direction are

Matthew Morrison, who plays sexy teacher Mr. Schuester on the popular U.S. musical drama 'Glee', has admitted that he doesn't know any of the One Direction lads' names and can't recall their music either.

Although the boyband's hit single 'What Makes You Beautiful' was covered recently by the show's talented cast, Morrison explained that he can't even reveal his favourite member of the group because he doesn't actually know who they are.

Speaking at the 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' movie premiere, he said: "I couldn't tell you a single member of One Direction."

"I've actually never heard any of their songs. I know they did one on 'Glee', but I wasn't in the scene so I don't know the group at all. It's not really what I listen to, boybands."




The One Direction hitmakers praised the stars of 'Glee' for doing justice to the track and called it an "amazing" cover version.

Check it out below: