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Demi Lovato: "Niall Horan is special"

Demi Lovato says there is "something special" about One Direction star Niall Horan.

The singer-and- X Factor USA judge was romantically linked to the British boyband hunk last year, although both stars denied they were dating.

Lovato - who is currently suffering from a broken leg - says the pair share a great friendship though, and thinks Horan would make a fabulous boyfriend.

According to omg!, Lovato is quoted as saying: "All of the One Direction guys are great - but there is something a little special about him.

She added: "Niall is really one of the most fun people to be around. It has obviously not been great hobbling around on a broken leg - but Niall can even make that funny. He can make light of the most serious situations - and every girl needs somebody like Niall in their life."

Lovato looks forward to speaking to Horan, adding: "I know when a text comes through from Niall there is a great chance it is going to actually make me laugh out loud."





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