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One Direction: 'Our girlfriends don't need bodyguards... yet'

UK boyband One Direction have revealed that their girlfriends aren't quite at the stage where they need their own bodyguards, but they are definitely getting there.

Member Liam Payne told Celebs on Sunday recently that when the group's fans see them out and about with their partners they tend to leave them alone, which is great, but their girlfriends still don't know how intense it can be for them:

"Getting in and out of the hotel is sometimes a bit difficult. But they're quite respectful - when you're with your girlfriend they kind of just leave you to it, because they know we don't get to see them very

The 'Little Things' hitmaker added: "They don't need bodyguards or anything. In fact, they don't know the full extent of how crazy things are because they're only with us every so often."





Watch One Direction's new music video for 'One Way Or Another' below: