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One Direction's choreographer praises band's "organic" live show

One Direction's choreographer has lavished praise on the boyband, calling their moves "organic".

The British popstars have taken their live show all across the world and it is usually an energetic set.

Speaking to The Sun, choreographer Paul Roberts said that whilst the quintet don't generally partake in dancing, they are most definitely in tune with each other. He said:

"There are no synchronised dance steps, it's more organic. The boys just want to go on stage and have fun. They are brilliant at being aware of each other on stage, and unselfish. They think, 'I know Paul has asked us to be equally spaced across the front stage, but we are a little lopsided', so someone takes the initiative and fills the space."

He added: "I'm on the side of the stage. The boys take the mickey out of me for it. They know and understand the hand signals. When they make a mistake and things go wrong, they come off stage and immediately apologise."




Watch One Direction perform live below: