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One Direction were comfortable enough to share all on new film, says producer

One Direction's experience behind the camera allowed the band to open up on their upcoming film, according to producer Ben Winston.

The British-Irish boyband are set to star in their debut movie This Is Us when it hits screens across the world from August.

It will document their rise to fame and producer Winston told MTV that the group's time on the X Factor made them comfortable enough in front of the cameras to open up. He said:

"The advantage that we've got to make a film about these artists is that they grew up in front of the TV cameras. They became artists on the X Factor, and therefore they were used to having cameras with them at all times.

"So I think they were comfortable with [sharing]. They've known me for quite a few years. They got to know [director] Morgan [Spurlock] really well and they got to know the [rest of the crew]. We're a close unit [and] team and, therefore, we all felt like part of the gang."





Watch a trailer for This Is Us below: