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One Direction documentary shows real fan obsession: "I'm part of a fandom that could kill you"

A new documentary entitled 'Crazy About One Direction' is set to air later this month on Channel 4 and a trailer for the programme sets a rather unsettling tone.

It will premiere on the UK television channel on August 15 and in the new teaser clip, one die-hard fan can be heard saying "I'm part of a fandom that could kill you if they wanted."

Another girl is shown pointing towards a hotel excitedly ((pictured above left) and tells the camera: "I was outside your room while you were sleeping, Zayn".

The show will also look at the popularity of One Direction fanfiction and a rumoured relationship between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson is mentioned as excerpts from a story about the pair's make-believe intimate moments are read aloud.

Executive Producer at Mentorn Media, Tayte Simpson, opened up about the way in which the documentary presents the fan group: "It will offer a fascinating insight into a new breed of idol worship. Social media has created huge communities which connect millions of fans in a way that was never possible before."

"One Direction’s use of social media to diarise their inner thoughts gives fans a sense of intimacy and ownership, fuelling strong emotions."






Watch the trailer for 'Crazy About One Direction' below:


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