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Queen of the Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona Carole Superhero to Appear at Cil-con


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Queen of the Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona Carole Superhero to Appear at Cil-con
Cross County Mall Mattoon, Ill
Sept. 6 - 7th 2019

Kadrolsha Ona Carole Queen of the Paranormal Reg. TM is indisputably comic book royalty by being the first person in comic book history to be a Superhero doing what she does in real life between the pages of a comic book. She is a real paranormal investigator. She will be appearing at Cil-con, Cross County Mall, Mattoon, Ill.

Kadrolsha comic character fights evil with the energy of positivity. A refreshing nonviolent approach for comic book super hero's.

 Kadrolsha, (KO for short) is bringing with her the gentleman responsible for the creation of her comic book character. They are Brian K. Morris comic historian and owner of Rising Tide Publications and Charles Moisant of Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc. They will also be joining her at her panel discussion "The making of a comic book superhero" 5:15 - 6 pm on Saturday, Sept. 7th at the mall. If you attend her panel discussion you get a free autographed picture of her comic book character.

Helping others is her passion. KO is asking you to bring her a nonperishable food donation. In return, she is giving a free autographed picture of her comic character. The items will be given to the Community Food Center in Mattoon.

Kadrolsha travels the globe giving lectures, making appearances, doing reading & healings and sharing her vast paranormal knowledge. Feel free to ask her any paranormal question or get a reading.

Kadrolsha Ona Carole is part of Warner Brother's motion picture history with her contribution to the 40th Anniversary of The Exorcist DVD on Blue Ray. KO is an International Award-Winning Film Producer and Actress with 47 Awards on IMDB. All her films are listed on IMDB

KO hosts Paranormal 13 News (P13N) on the Galaxy Global TV Network, Roku plus many more and in 195 countries, 50 states, Comcast, SimulTV a total of over 211,436,972 million homes.and in airport televisions services.

Kadrolsha is collaborating on her first children's book with the legendary 2 time Emmy winner Bill Diamond of Jim Henson and the Muppet's for Book 1 in her Children's series. For Book 2  she is collaborating with Award-winning Guy Gilchrist of the Muppets artist for Jim Henson. KO's children's book has a hard-hitting message for growing minds.

Kadrolsha is collaborating with Guy Gilchrist creator of "The Muppet Babies" his work was declared a National Treasure in 1984 by First Lady, Nancy Reagan for her second children's. The books are a series of hard-hitting issues with a positive message for children. Her second book "Dean is worried for his friend" deals with physical abuse. This is essential for children, parents, and caretakers to fully understand. In the collaboration Kadrolsha Ona and Guy Gilchrist that is exactly what they present. Hard topics presented in a gentle manner with a positive outcome.

On April 6, 2018, Kadrolsha Ona Carole encountered a gunman sitting in her yard one house from a high school and 1/1/2 blocks from an elementary and upper elementary schools. Kadrolsha kicked the gun the gunman was pointing at her. KO has launched a campaign to make sure that schools are locked down and parents are notified as to a gunman so close in proximity to a school.

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Tour dates:

Date City Venue
9/6/19 -9/7/19 Mattoon, ILL Cross County Mall

Kadrolsha Ona is asking you to bring a non-parishable food item to her appearance table at the Cross Country Mall Sept 6-7th Mattoon, Ill. You will receive a free autographed picture of Kadrolshja comic book character.
Kadrolsha is collecting food items for the Community Food Center in Mattoon, Ill.
She is a real live superhero and Comicbook Royalty. Come meet the Queen of the Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona.


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