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Queen's Brian May says cancer tests are coming back with "good reports"

Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed that his recent cancer tests are seemingly coming back negative.

The British rock icon announced late last year that he was undergoing tests to discover whether or not he has cancer after suffering bouts of pain.

He has now posted on his official website that the tests are coming back with "good reports", and whilst it all isn't 100% clear yet, there seems to be progress.

May said: "Basically all the tests I've had have come back with good reports, and so most of the ills that were possibilities a couple of weeks ago are now ruled out. My friendly Prof, true to what he says in the newspaper story today, took me through the prostate part of it very methodically. The first exploratory MRI scans weren't really aimed at the prostate, but at the spine, so he did manual and ultrasound explorations and said he was pretty sure that there was nothing seriously wrong, but...he wanted to see a dedicated prostate MRI.

'I did that over New Year, and it showed up some small possible problem areas. I then had a choice. He said I could either wait for a few months and have another similar scan, and see if anything was developing, or he could put a needle in and take samples...a biopsy.

"So, rather than sit worrying for months, I opted for the latter. That happened today, and though it's not a joyride, I was unconscious for most of it, and it wasn't as bad as I expected! I'll get the results next week, and then things should hopefully be much clearer."

May concluded his post by encouraging all men to visit their doctors to look into their prostates if they have any concerns.






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