Beethoven Burst

Ankit Love

“It’s glorious. It’s wonderful. It’s warm. It’s funky. It’s the balls….”

Ankit Love is a theatrical and fantastical independent recording artist based in London. His
debut album “Forever” channels seventies disco flamboyance, fusing the melodic baselines
and syncopated rhythms of funk with the energy and vibrancy of contemporary dance
music. His style echoes his varied taste in music; his music is a beautiful and effulgent
combination of The Rah Band, Crown Heights Affair, Space Bass, and bands like Daft Punk
and Crookers.

Love masterfully fuses the spirituality and depth of India with the sunshine and energy of
California, a musical tour de force that melds funk, soul, rock, hip hop and dance. Love and
his eccentric, upbeat and unique style have already taken America by storm with his
album “Forever” which was played on 130 college radio stations, while the single Beethoven Burst
triumphed as the No.1 hit on the MTV Hive top 100 chart and also reached number 28 in the
US Radio FMQB charts, and earning him a spot on VH1’s “Fresh new Music: January 2012”.

His music is “scientific and spiritual”, drawing on personal memories and self discovery; his
experience of a potentially fatal car crash in a Dodge Viper at 160 miles per hour on a Los
Angeles freeway has clearly left him eager to live life to the full; undeterred he went on to become
an amateur race car driver. A man of many skills his self directed featured documentary about the

making of the Beethoven Burst music video was premiered at the Cannes film festival.

You only need to watch this vibrant music video, which won a Silver Lei Award at the
Honolulu Film Awards, to understand why he has been described as “this generation’s Ziggy
Stardust”. The video is a disco version of classic sci-fi films embracing the surrealism of
Kubrick’s Space Odyssey and the excitement of Star Trek. Ankit Love is a fun, exciting and
fresh artist and his album is the perfect summer soundtrack.

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