EMI/Coke/Universal ink deals with Exposure™ Winners Alonestar/Metis

Exposure™ Winners Drink in Success



Alonestar or Jethro (JStar) Sheeran to his family is a Genuine Urban Rapper, born and raised on the wild streets of Bristol’s ‘Banksy’ Britain!

He recently won two Exposure Music Awards® for ‘Best Male Artist’ and ‘Best Urban Song’ and subsequently signed Global Publishing Deals with EMI

Coming from a very Talented family his cousin Ed’ is riding atop the charts both sides of the Atlantic and the track Featuring both Ed Sheeran & Cousin Alonestar:

‘Real Life (Featuring Ed Sheeran)’ is available on Reel me Records now!
The track recently featured exclusively for a limited time on Exposure Music Awards®’ compilation ‘Chaos & Glory’, prior to release

‘Chaos & Glory’ is a well-received Digital Industry Compilation, also available for Genuine Music Fans to Download.



Alonestar performs and the Legendary Camden Venue the Roundhouse in July:
Roundhouse.org.uk Alonestar

Now replacing Alonestar on this collection of very fine Winners & Nominees of Exposure™ is Metis

He’s provided us with a track from one of his Innovative Mix tapes …

Continuing our theme of Collaboration and Promotion:

Metis a Former City Trader has now turned his back on his early days for the joys of reality and life Fulfilling his Passion.




Early in this new Career he Won at Exposure Music East™ no less than Four well deserved awards…

Our Media Partners Kiss FMgave him and Exclusive ‘Metis’ Session on their station

This was one of the factors which helped him seal the deal on a Global Distribution Deal with Universal Music Group

Now one of the tracks he won the Accolades for is featured on a Global Advertising Campaign for Coke and he’s not missing the City one little bit;

Coke Zero AdvertWatch the advert on YouTube :Featuring Artist Metis multiple Exposure Music Awards® Regional Winner.




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Chaos & Glory

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