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Friday, May 8, 2020 7:30am ET by  
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Selena Gomez has been busy in the studio during quarantine

Selena Gomez has been writing new music during quarantine.

The 'Boyfriend' hitmaker had been busy in the studio before the coronavirus pandemic hit globally, and is desperate to keep that "feeling of inspiration," despite being confined to her home.

Speaking to Puma, she said: "Before the stay at home ordinance, I was working in the studio.

"I didn’t want to lose that feeling of inspiration, so I am constantly writing ideas and lyrics down for songs in my journals."

It comes after Selena created her own home studio. The hugely talented singer-songwriter took to Instagram to share a snap of her new recording space she has put together in a room at her Los Angeles pad, captioning the post: "Makeshift studio so I can work from home."

During a recent livestream, Gomez revealed: "As far as new music, I don't know," whilst also nodding her head and mouthing the word "yes".

Meanwhile, she also previously admitted she was worried her career would be over when she released her new album. Asked the scariest thing about releasing the record, the 27-year-old said: "That no one would like it and my career as a singer would be over.

"I genuinely thought that. I worked so, so hard on this album. It could have come out and completely flopped, and then it's like, well, where do you go from here?

"I would have questioned everything because I doubt myself and that's where I would have ended up - in a spiral.

"So I'm glad that it's doing well. But I did everything I could to make it as personal and real [as possible]."

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