Phoenix Da Icefire- The Quantum Leap

Paul "Phoenix Da Icefire" Nelson is a UK hip hop artist from south East London. In 2008, Phoenix and Dwain Thompson decided to come together as a record label, Higher Heights Records, and released "ANATHEMA" from a group called Triple Darkness which debuted May 19th 2008.

In 2009, Phoenix released his mix tape 'Baptism Under Fire' which received great appraisal and recognition from fellow MC's in the industry, the mix tape was hosted by M9 from Triple Darkness and hosted by Higher Heights Dj Leo Rhodes "Dj Roast", it was in his own words the greatest display of his versatility and creativity to date. The launch party was held in the Carhaart store and guest artists such as Cappo & Endemic, IRS & Triple Darkness performed on the night which set in stone the arrival of Phoenix Da Icefire into the hip hop scene.

8-track EP 'Terminal Velocity' was released in July 2011 in collaboration with Dj Roast featuring guest artists Cyrus Melachi, Scripture and Iron Braydz.

Phoenix Da Icefire's debut album 'The Quantum Leap will be released in 2012, and is entirely produced by Chemo, highly renowned in UK hip hop who has worked with Joe Budden, Lowkey, Triple Darkness, Kashmere, Verb T, Fliptricks, Jehst, Mikal Parkinson, Scandal & Manage and more. 'The Quantum Leap' features the cream of the crop for UK hip hop, such as Klashnekoff, Keith Murray,  Rustee Juxx, Lil Eto, Kyza Smirnoff & Scribblah Dan Gough from Terra Firma, Triple Darkness, 9 Planets, Jah Mirikle, Dj Triple & Yasine. In his album Phoenix Da Icefire displays great insight into his views on media and politics, and does so with an impeccable flow.

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