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2 New Tracks!!



TolbertToz are heading back into the Studio on August 15 to record 2 new songs. We caught up with Joy and Tim for more info...

Tim: Yes! Heading back up to the Secret Location to record vocals for 2 new songs We Run and Down.

Joy: Down was something we had for a while...and actually attempted it in the last session but was at the end of the day...I wasn't feeling it... so we postponed for the next time.

Tim: That also gave me a chance to work out some other parts vocally as well. So it'll work out I think. We Run is something very recent. I just had an idea for a chorus with some scratch lyrics. Joy took them and created the rest of vocals with the demo at the time. But that song has evolved nicely.

Joy: We're excited to get We Run done. There's a lot of work to do. But we're pretty good at staying on track.

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TolbertToz is... Joy Tolbert & Tim Toz

Joy & Tim’s long distance collaboration is a culmination of songwriting, studio and live experience and the innate fondness of similar tastes in Rock & Pop. They usually land on the same page. But new ideas spark new conversations and... new songs.

That's where the fun is.

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August 14, 2019 1:41pm ET by TolbertToz  

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