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Jessie J talks wardrobe must-haves

Jessie J has revealed her personal style tips to Vevo Stylized.

“Style, to me, should be what makes you feel comfortable,” she said. “I don’t think style is about how much money you wear on your back or on your shoes. Style is most fun for me when I have a stage performance because there are no limits, no boundaries.”

The ‘Price Tag’ singer also revealed her personal wardrobe must-haves.

 “My DMs are a must in my wardrobe. My stripper shoes for performances. They’re very comfortable, I could do a marathon in them. A good catsuit. Scarves are a must. Big fur scarves, not real fur, quote me on that. I like kinda looking like a superhero. Very strong. I’m not really a girly girl.”

Watch Jessie J’s the full interview with Vevo Stylized here: