Family Time return with new single 'The Grand Collide'


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"Few bands have an origin story as strange (or as brilliant) as new London-via-Spain duo Family Time" - DIY

"Oddly infectious, it feels as though it's been plucked from a dream" - Clash

"A luxuriously rich sounding aperitif filled with spacious turns" - So Young
Family Time have returned with new single 'The Grand Collide', listen here.

In their very first piece of music, Family Time did nothing more than open a door—just enough to let the light in through the crack, the balmy orange beam and the scent of ripe pomegranates inviting you to walk into the room: A room equipped with every comfort and subtle delight, sanctified by the presence of a magnificent view.

What they had carefully prepared, was the opportunity to take a seat, and lean back; to pour ourselves a drink of choice and to gaze out of our windows, into the abyss—our own abyss— where we have left all our fears and vice to breed without control.

But, alas, here's a second release, 'The Grand Collide', and their intentions might seem less guarded. In full blast, the abyss cries out, the room gives in. If we are to take these scenes as any indication, our foray into the world of Family Time might just prove to be something of an enjoyable dive. Salud!

More info on Family Time

In the spring of 2017, two Spaniards retreated from London to the Balearic island of Mallorca.

They set up a small studio where they wrote and recorded a collection of songs. The resulting album has become something of a myth; an epic work, shrouded in half-truths and speculation. Their “mini-opera” - an ode to the hidden sojourns in the Balearic Islands, fleeting trysts and personal epiphanies - is a measured journey, a musical novella, with a level of deep context, continuity and poise.

They toured the record through the island's many resorts last summer, posing as a covers band to get the job, then bemusing holidaymakers and ex-pats with their hotel epic. Now, they are slowly releasing music from the record, with 'The Grand Collide' sitting as the latest offering.

March 28, 2019 7:31am ET by Pressparty  

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