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Adam Lambert: 'If I'm not busy, I get bored and restless'

Superstar Adam Lambert has revealed that he loves to keep himself occupied by committing to several work project at any one time because he doesn't like to be bored. 

During a new interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, the 'Trespassing' hitmaker confessed that he's always busy with something and he has just taken on a full north American tour as the frontman of Queen alongside his role on the hit U.S. musical drama series, 'Glee':

"This is a side-by-side project. As a creative artist, I do a lot of different things. If I'm not busy, I get bored and restless. Earlier this year, I did a stint on 'Glee'. I was in Sweden this last month working on solo material. I'm actually going back to Sweden on Saturday to continue working on that."

"I like doing a lot of different things. The beauty of that is that something like this is completely inspiring. I'm learning a lot from these two gentlemen. I'm learning from the audience. I think that will help inform and make my material stronger."

Speaking about the forthcoming Queen tour, Lambert added that everything will be live and raw: "This is live. In today's music world, you go to a concert and you're getting a lot of playbacks. There's click tracks. It is what it is. I'm not hating on it. But this is the real deal. This is pure. We're not playing to a click. We're not playing to tracks. This is all live instruments. I'm singing all the vocals with these guys on vocals. It's purely organic."

Watch Lambert on 'Glee' below: