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Adam Lambert: "I will not be defined or victimised by my orientation"

Adam Lambert has taken to Twitter to state that he will not be "defined" by his sexuality.

The openly gay singer wrote on the social networking website about one aspect of his fandom that he finds irritating.

The vocal powerhouse said that he finds it annoying when fans say that they are disappointed that Lambert is gay.

He said: "U know whats sorta annoying? When fans write "it's so sad he's gay"Why?Cuz if I was St8, then we could date? Sad? I love bein gay #oxymorons."

The 'Trespassing' man added: ""Adam, take it as a compliment, that they like u that much" Well if they do, they should realize it's sorta indirectly offensive. #realtalk.

"I will not be defined or victimized by my orientation. Hallelooooooo! I love all of u who get it. Thank u for your continued support. This is gonna be a great year!!!"




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