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Wednesday, June 8, 2016 1:30pm ET by  
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Adam Lambert slams Donald Trump: 'This isn't 'The Apprentice', it's real life'

'Ghost Town' sensation Adam Lambert has criticised the republican candidate Donald Trump, who is currently running for President in the USA

The heartthrob took to his official Twitter page this evening (June 8) and told his followers that he believes Trump would be a dangerous President for a variety of reasons:

"Although I am not firmly educated in politics, for more instinctual reasons, I think Trump would be a highly risky leader. He seems to manipulate fear and ignorance in order to gain popularity. How he is even taken seriously is beyond me. This isn't the Apprentice, it's real life! I want to LIKE our future President, not be embarrassed by him."

"I want to be inspired and hopeful in potential times of crisis - not terrified that he'd provoke both national and international chaos and division. Our President doesn't need to be employing pompous, narcissistic negativity for attention. We should leave that to tabloid celebrities."

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