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Adam Lambert lauds tacky fashion

Adam Lambert has opened up about his love of "tacky fashion" - going as far to say that it has a certain "beauty" about it.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the American Idol man gushed about the tackier side of fashion, stating that his own style harks back to 1970s glam rock. He said:

"I think there's a beauty in tacky fashion. Even some of the pop performers of the past decade, it's real sparkly and flashy."

"I was trying to do my best homage to the late '70s glam rock idea, with the rhinestones and feathers, stuff that was as out-there and ridiculous as possible."

However, Lambert acknowledged that his own style has now started to tone down in some respects. He added:

"I've kind of started to tone it down in the respect that [my look] is not as flashy now. It's still different and avant-garde, but it's a bit more chic; a bit more designer as opposed to Vegas. I'd love to work on my own fashion line, accessory line, shoes or something. [But] obviously right now I'm focused on my music."

Watch an interview below with Lambert and Queen, who performed together at the 2011 MTV EMAs: