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Adam Lambert shares track-by-track analysis of 'Trespassing' on Twitter

Chart-topping hitmaker Adam Lambert has taken to social networking site Twitter (May 25) to give his 1.4 million followers an overview of what his songs on 'Trespassing' are about.

Joking to his fanbase, the 'Whataya Want From Me' superstar explained that "some of you OG Glamberts may need to take these lyrics over to Urban dictionary" and proceeded to give 140-character insights into each of his new record's tracks:

"Trespassing: not following any of these lame ass rules. Look out bitches. ;). Cuckoo: yeah that's right. I'm nuts. But damn it's fun, you coming along for the ride? Shady: feeling loose now, gonna get my swerve on. Feeling nasty."

Of his forthcoming new single 'Never Close Our Eyes', Lambert confessed that the lyrics are essentially about empowerment: "let's all stay in the moment and stay open to all possibilities. We have the power to create our reality."

He continued: "Naked Love: come on folks! Relax!! Chill! It ain't that deep- take a chance and express how u want. Strip away all the BS and get real. Broken English: I'm trying to read u.. It's confusing but soooo mysteriously sexy. Maybe words aren't the key. Communication through touch."




Although 'Trespassing' is yet to be released in the UK, it recently secured a No.1 position on the Billboard 200 album chart and this achievement brought with it a place in history as it made him the first openly gay recording artist to debut at the top of the US albums chart.

Referring to 'Outlaws Of Love', which addresses gay marriage, he said: "Road to equality ain't easy. Sometimes we get sad. All the hate because of the love we wanna share. But we are gonna be ok."

Watch his new AOL Sessions performance of 'Never Close Our Eyes' here: