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Adam Lambert on talent contest career path: "I wasn't being controlled"

'Never Close Our Eyes' hitmaker Adam Lambert has opened up about his 'American Idol' experience and revealed that while he was given a significant amount of support his music career is very much his own.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, the superstar explained that there are many misconceptions surrounding the talent show career path he decided to take, but he maintained control over his creativity and was very successful as a result of it:

"There was a lot of help involved, and there were a lot of songwriters involved, but I was making decisions: I like that song or I don't like that song. I wasn't being told what to do every step. I wasn't being controlled in that manner on the show, either."

"I've sung other people's music all my life. It's what I did on American Idol, and I think one of the things I was known for was making them my own."

Lambert, who is currently in London, also spoke about the dedication of his fanbase and admitted that although he loves how devoted his followers are he can get freaked out by the things he reads, especially fan fiction:

"It was not an arousing experience," he said of reading a sexual fan fiction piece about himself. "The one I read was a little creepy."




"They always show me having relations with someone I have never – and would never – have relations with. I find it funny the fans get so wrapped up in those myths, but if they want to, they can go on fantasising about it."

Watch his performance of 'Broken English' from his recent AOL Session below: