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Adam Lambert explains 'Never Close Our Eyes' video

Adam Lambert has explained the meaning behind the blue gas which featured in the video for his latest single 'Never Close Our Eyes'.

The vocal powerhouse released the video to promote his new album 'Trespassing' and he can be seen in the clip being protected by a force field of blue gas.

In a fan question and answer session with Sony Music Canada, Lambert explained the reasoning behind the gas. He said:

"The idea behind the poisonous gas at the end is that we're escaping from this facility and the guards are gonna try to stop us by almost fumigating us like we're bugs or something. When they shoot us with this white smoke, instead of it choking us or poisoning us, we use our sheer force of will, which we've been discovering through the video, to deflect it like a force field. So it's kind of like a magical moment of saying 'No, I will not be poisoned by your white gas'."




Watch Adam Lambert answer fans' questions below: