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Adam Lambert becomes a weatherman on New Zealand TV and praises his fans

Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert stopped by TVNZ yesterday (October 10) to talk about his rise to stardom and the progression of his career, and even ended up presenting the weather to viewers.

The 'Trespassing' hitmaker spoke frankly about the importance of his fan base and explained that it's fantastic to help create a community of people who have common ground and can feel included as part of something:

"Many people have become friends with other fans and it's built a community of people and a family - a Glamily, like we call it. When I was younger, I went through a period of time where I was outcast and didn't have a lot of friends, and I hated the way that felt."

"Even getting a little bit older I've always felt like an outsider and it's through certain creative pursuits - music or projects I was involved in - that I had a family of people, and so the fact that I can give that back to a group of people is..."

He added that his fans have been incredibly supportive while he's been in the country and said that his Glamberts were "running from venue to venue today".

Lambert then jumped in front of the green screen to present the weather and despite a few moments where he seemed unsure of where on the map to point to, he did a great job and found the role to be very entertaining.




Watch his 'weatherman' attempt and part of the in-depth interview below: