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Adam Lambert on equality: 'We're in the midst of our own civil rights movement'

'Trespassing' hitmaker Adam Lambert performed at Miami Beach Gay Pride over the weekend and also received the key to the city, and sat down for an interview with PrideLiveTV while at the event.

Talking about being invited to play a live set at Pride, the singer explained that there's a strong sense of community at LGBT events that creates a fantastic environment" "Whenever you get to come to a celebration like this, the energy's really high and everybody's feeling unified and I think that's a really nice 'family' feel."

When asked about his forthcoming new album, Lambert was very coy and teased: "All I can say is that I'm working on stuff and I have to be very ambiguous! I've no idea when I'm going to be able to talk about it. I haven't even started recording it yet."

He also confessed that the freedom that comes with growing equality is fantastic from a creative perspective as it allows him to write about a range of things in his music:

"It is a really important time. We're definitely in the midst of our own civil rights movement in a way. We're dealing with equality issues and it's just being unapologetic and being who we are, and I love that there's this movement going on right now."

"People are really excited about our community, our voices are being heard and it's become mainstream which is huge for us. It's amazing being a part of this movement. Internationally, it makes you think of a certain freedom we have in our country."





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