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Adele admits her love life is 'lonely'

Singer/songwriter Adele's career may be peaking again with the forthcoming release of her new album, '21', but she has admitted her love life could be better. 

Speaking to Attitude Magazine, the 'Hometown Glory' vocalist explained:

"I used to think I was such a great girlfriend, but I'm not at all, I have my flaws as well."

"I expect too much. At the time I don't realise that. I expect too much but never tell them. I'd never say, 'Look, I'd really like it if you did this for me.'"

"I can be stubborn, very, very stubborn, but only in my relationships. I think everything I do is golden, I think I'm Princess Diana."

She also added:

"All my friends are gay. My sex life's pretty lonely but I've got a lot of drama in my life. I'm like the agony aunt, they're always coming over my house at four in the morning in tears."

Watch a recent interview with Adele below: