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Adele: “Rihanna possesses me”

Adele has revealed that when she listens to ‘What’s My Name’ she feels as though Rihanna possesses her.

“Over New Year’s and Christmas, I had time off and I went to all my friends’ parties singing it,” she tells ‘Entertainment Weekly.’ “Doing the dance moves, I was convinced I was Rihanna. She was possessing me with that song, I swear.”

The ‘Rolling In The Deep’ singer goes on to say that Mumford & Sons’ album ‘Sigh No More’ reminds her of the ex she refers to in the songs on ’21.’

“We blossomed to that record and we died to that record,” she admits. “I don’t think my album would be here yet if it hadn’t been for that record.”


Watch Adele perform ‘Someone Like You’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ below.