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Siva from The Wanted gets black eye protecting a woman on a New York street

Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted got a black eye when he helped protect a woman from domestic violence on aNew York street reports TMZ.

The singer was walking into the Chelsea neighbourhood in August with his rep when they saw the man attacking his girlfriend. The rep tells us Kaneswaran ran over and tried to break it up, telling the man to relax but the attacker shouted, "This isn't about you."  

The former model was trying to hold the guy back when the man punched him. The attacker fled and the woman ran away. The photos of the bruising can be seen on TMZ's website.

Kaneswaran has made the event public as he is worried what happened to the lady.

Recently, Kaneswaran was attached outside a Denver cinema when he tried to give a homeless man some change. The man attacked him. 

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Watch Kaneswaran be interviewed, and The Wanted's 'Move Like Rihanna' video below:


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