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Megadeth working on new album

Megadeth are currently still touring in support of their 2016 venture 'Dystopia', but they're wasting no time in coming up with new material as they're already working on tracks that could make it into what would be their 16th studio album.

Speaking to, frontman Dave Mustaine said: "What we're looking at, we're trying to start the songwriting process this year while we're out on the road, which will be good for us to start putting pen to paper and writing stuff. 

"Kiko (Loureiro) and I have actually been talking a lot about it the last couple weeks, sending files back and forth and so on and so forth, which is exciting for me because that's what makes me tick is writing music. 

"When I see new files coming back and forth through my email it's like, 'Yes.' It's like Christmas."

And the 'Symphony of Destruction' hitmaker also confirmed that touring of their current album will "end this year", giving them plenty of time to start working on their new material.

Any new music that the band decide to work on is likely to stick to the same sound they have become known for, however, as Dave says he likes the "real chunky metal sound" and can't see himself deviating from that any time soon.

He added to the publication: "I think every time I pick my guitar up I think about what were those first riffs that I liked to play, the stuff that energises me. I think any guitar player worth his salt is going to have his favourite licks that he likes to play. I like that real chunky metal sound."

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