Sandie Shaw misquoted in today's press

Sandie Shaw attended the House of Commons yesterday and lobbied MP's to do something about the unfair state of artist copyright splits on behalf of FAC, the Featured Artists Coalition, an organisation formed to defend the rights of recording artists. Sandie is chair of FAC whose proactive members include Nic Mason of Pink Floyd, Dave Rowntree of Blur and Mumford and Sons. 

The iconic 60's singer who releases her back catalogue in May, later appeared on Channel 5 news, where she stated that current splits on digital sales of recordings sometimes left the artist with as little as 1p, whilst labels got the lions share of 46p and session musicians could get as much as 10p. A flawed system unfair in comparison leaving artists struggling in the current digital climate. 

Sandie has been misquoted in todays media coverage and would like to make it clear that Mumford and Sons are valued members of FAC and campaign relentlessly for artists rights. She is a big fan of their music and wholly believes their success is well deserved.  

March 27, 2013 9:03am ET by Pressparty   Comments (0)



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