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Britney Spears reveals battle with anxiety: 'I was so under scrutiny'

Superstar Britney Spears has revealed that she used to struggle with anxiety. 

During a new interview with Marie Claire magazine, the "Make Me" sensation explained that growing up in the south meant that she was always trying to live up to a certain level of expectation that made things difficult:

"Southern girls can be very hard on themselves because you are expected to be a certain way, you are expected to please people. And then I moved to Los Angeles when I was very young. I was so under scrutiny. If a hair was out of place, I'd be so anxious. I would be very anxious about so many things."

She went onto add that becoming a mother to her two sons, Jayden and Sean, allowed her to be kinder to herself and much less critical: "I can't even properly explain how it's happened, but becoming a mother and being with my boys has made me so much more accepting of myself."

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Watch footage from Spears' MTV VMAs performance below:


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