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Britney comes 'Out'

Britney Spears has given an interview to Out Magazine, in which she reveals she would consider plastic surgery, was given poor advice early in her career and that she thinks her new album is "f**king amazing". 

In an email style question and answer session, the 'Hold It Against Me' superstar opened up about her forthcoming record, 'Femme Fatale':

"I think Femme Fatale is my most upbeat and mature album yet. All of my songs are f–ing amazing."

She also spoke honestly about the downsides of the music industry, and gave an example of some bad creative direction she experienced:

"Someone once told me that the "…Baby One More Time" video should be me as a superhero fighting a giant robot monster."

The full interview can be read on and you can listen to her recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, in full, below: