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Britney Spears on new video: 'I was told to be nasty b*tch mommy'

Britney Spears has revealed that she was encouraged to ditch her caring, motherly nature whilst filming her new video.

The singer recently unleashed the track 'Work Bitch' as her comeback single and its video shoot has taken place.

Spears has two children but speaking to E!, the US star admitted that she was told remove herself from her usual motherly personality and go "nasty". She said:

"My choreographer actually, when I was doing the rehearsals for this video, he was like, 'Britney, you are not a sweet mommy in this video. You are nasty bitch mommy in this video."

Spears added: "When you start to feel the character, you start to feel silly, 'cause you're like, 'This isn't me, I'm not like all like this'. Moving all sexually and stuff like that, so as 'mommy' you feel really awkward doing that."

The singer previously uploaded two photos from her video shoot, with Spears seen wearing some revealing clothing.






Listen to Britney's 'Work Bitch' below:


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