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Calvin Harris says his new album is sounding "quite epic"

DJ and producer Calvin Harris has opened up about the progress of his forthcoming new album and described its current sound as "quite epic".

This new record will be the follow up to his 2009 offering 'Ready For The Weekend' and he explained to Music Radar that it's important to carve out a niche with this new collection of songs so that the album stands out from its contemporaries:

"I think the main thing I've tried to do with this album is not cover the same old ground. It's still sounding quite epic, but that whole 'I'm Not Alone' thing has been done to death."

"Loads of people have jumped on that sound. I want to do something different. I want to challenge myself and feel in danger of messing up. Sometimes, you need to do that to get the best out of yourself."




When asked if a release date has been confirmed yet, Harris added: "Not yet. We're looking at a release date soon. It's been a pretty busy year - touring, producing for other people, remixing - so I've not been able to spend as much time in the studio as I'd have liked."

Watch his music video for 'Feel So Close' here: