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Cheryl Cole admits hatred of red carpets

Cheryl Cole has admitted that she really doesn't like walking down red carpets.

They're usually regarded as a walkway of glitz and glamour, but for the Girls Aloud singer, it's anything but.

Speaking to Stylist magazine, Cole said "anyone who says they love red carpets is lying" - and bemoaned the pandemonium that comes with it all. Talking about red carpets, she said:

"For the record, it's terrifying. We once had this nightmare where my dress ripped here, somebody was sewing here, my nail had chipped so somebody was painting them. Then I walked out, tripped in the middle of the corridor, grabbed the security guy and tore all my nail polish off. I had burgundy nail polish all down my white dress."

She continued: "So I said, 'Wait until I figure out how I'm going to manoeuvre this handbag so that my nails are covered'. So that's how I walked down the red carpet. It was absolute pandemonium. Anyone who says they love red carpets is lying. Getting dressed up is the best part. And champagne after the event – that is even better."




Watch Cheryl Cole perform her track 'Promise This' live: