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Dappy: “I'd rather be a pig than a slag”

Dappy and fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Luisa Zissman, got into a war of words last night (January 10) over the difference between men and women's sexual freedom.

The N-Dubz rapper and Apprentice star had been discussing the amount of people they had slept with in one night, and the former made it clear that a woman was promiscuous if she had intercourse with multiple partners, while a man was just a 'pig'.

Dappy said to Luisa and Jasmine Waltz in the garden: "I'd rather be a pig than a slag".

Waltz and Zissman then confronted him in the kitchen, where Zissman accused him of being 'chauvinistic'.

Dappy continued to ask Zissman how many men she has slept with in one night, and followed her around the house pushing her to respond:

"Tell me how many men you have slept with in one night. That's dirty, that's disgusting." 

"It's none of your business what her number is," Waltz said in Zissman's defence.

Zissman said Dappy's mother would be ashamed of him, which only made him more annoyed, causing him to mention Zissman's daughter, he said: "Imagine your poor little daughter what's she going to think, if she knew the men you slept with. My mum told me that women can't do certain things that men do, and men can't do certain things that women can do."

The heated discussion continued into the bedroom, where Zissman tried to end the conversation by insulting his intelligence: "I can't deal with someone of your intellect and IQ."

To which Dappy retorted: "What IQ you talking about? I got an A+ in English, you got an A in being stuck up".

Dappy then followed her back into the kitchen where Zissman reached breaking point: "Quit following me around this f***ing house. 'F**k off! You're harassing me.

"Your agent knew to tell you to keep your mouth shut, as soon as you open your mouth, you'd act like that, and you told me that."

Dappy retorted: 'You're a two-faced slag!'

Zissman replied: "I think you're a f**king p***k, a wannabe f**king child who thinks he's a gangster."

Dappy answered: "If a man sleeps with five women he's a pig, and if a girl sleeps with five men, well you know."

Earlier that day, former world heavyweight boxing champion, Evander Holyfield, was the first to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House. Lee Ryan and Casey returned into the main house.

Watch the Dappy/Zissman argument in CBB Day 8, and hear Evander Holyfield's gay views below:

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